Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ant music

As a youth I adored Adam and the Ants. The yummy frontman was just one of a long stream of men in make-up that I adored (I'm not sure if it started with Bowie, or Frank N Furter in Rocky Horror - but it was persistent). While I still love Ant Music, I'm not fond of their namesake.

I came home from two days of boating and wakeboarding (yes - ouch!) to find massive trails of ants from one side of my desk to the other. Hundreds, nay thousands, of the little black blighters. Now, I will drink coffee at my desk, and tea, and have been known to sometimes snack on stuff al descko... however, I'd only cleaned it last week so I'm not sure what sumptuous feast they were headed for. The worst part was that they were through my keyboard - which is an impressive feat as I have a newish Mac, and my keyboard's almost flat - with nowhere for an ant to hide - or so I thought. Anyway, I swept most of them up, have sprinkled ant rid all over my desk, and have shaken and cleaned my keyboard so much it's positively glowing.

Next resolution - no food whatsoever, no matter what, at this desk. Those long black lines have put me off nibbling in front of the computer for good. Now the only Ant Music that's running through my head is the Pink Panther theme: "dead ant, dead ant..."

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