Monday, January 19, 2009

baby steps

So far I'm doing pretty well with my "Things I'll do this year" list (psst, it's kinda like a list of new year's resolutions - just with a different name) and my favourite is walking everyday. Since I decided to walk every day for 15 minutes it's made a huge difference. After all, 15 minutes is nothing - anyone can spare 15 minutes. But the best thing is, that most of the time it's longer - once I even walked for 45 minutes because it was just so blissful.

Every night, after I've cleaned up from dinner, I'll lace up my pink trainers (yes, of course!) and head out into the lovely pre-dusk light. Thank goodness for daylight savings, as it doesn't get dark till after 8.30pm at the moment.

I'm also really embracing the whole "Clean Sink" phenomena (not strictly on my list - but should have been). Putting away and wiping down the sink within an hour of washing up (I still refuse to use a tea towel to dry!) has made an enormous difference to the state of my kitchen. Benches are clean and tidy - so is the island - and it's now a pleasure to be in.

How's your new year treating you?


  1. My running shoes are pink and green! They make me smile when I put them on since they are so cheery. Since the weather is dreadful here, I try to do my prenatal yoga dvd a few times a week and a mini workout everyday that takes maybe five minutes. Basically I do 2 or 3 sets of 10 wall pushups, squats, lunges, calf raises, bicep curls, and shoulder shrugs.

    My main New Years resolution was to really have a happier and more positive year- to make every day better than the last. It works well so far. I'm trying to slow down and make things simpler an in general be quieter and more introspective. I've got my to do's earmarked- I need to put them in writing.

    I wanted to mention that I have the pink grapefruit dish soap too! Isn't it lovely? I also found some lemon scented cleaner for the tables and counters- its not strongly scented and is fruity instead of wreaking of harsh chemicals. I was so pleased, I went back and got the orange scented furniture polish. It's an off brand version of Method products. Loving it!

  2. Wow, you're doing so well considering what the weather's been like over your way. it's weird how we've got the complete opposite weather extremes.

    I cleaned my shower with Method's Ylang Ylang cleaner (after scrubbing the grout with bi-carb soda and vinegar - oooh, it's so white and glossy now!)

    I also love my orange oil furniture polish - not sure what brand it is, but it smells delish.

    And I thought you were going to bed with a book young lady...

  3. I did go to bed after I responded to your comments! I promise! But, of course, I've been up again since 3 am here. Sigh. Sleep, how I miss thee!


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