Wednesday, January 21, 2009

bedtime stories

I was checking out Martha Stewart's site, looking for a little home inspiration when my heart skipped a beat or a thousand. Now, my dream is to have at least one wall in my study lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves {if not all of them...} but oh my, wouldn't this be lovely in the boudoir? As I cannot possibly fall asleep without a chapter or two this has to be a booklover's dream does it not?


  1. This bedroom makes me swoon. We need to buy more bookshelves- we still have four boxes of books to put away. I remember telling Nolan this pre-move and he said "But we don't have THAT many books!" Ummm, dearie, between the two of us, we have close to 500. minimum. That's when I stopped counting. He's eating his words now.

  2. Yes, I still have boxes in my in-law's garage - including some gorgeous, red leather bound russian novels (sigh). They need nicer bookshelves than what's currently on offer in this house. But really, don't you think bookshelves make a home?

  3. I love bookshelves. As I unearthed more books last night in the last few boxes I stared at Nolan and said, "Gee I don't think Eva or we have that many books, do we need more bookcases, Nolan?" He cringed and muttered and walked off. Eva has 3 bookcases in her room. We have four in our living room. We need two more and she could use another one. That's just fine by me, since apparently I am my friends and families human bookmobile.


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