Tuesday, January 27, 2009

brush strokes

Ouch. I have blisters on my hands and fingers from painting the fence - but boy, it looks fabulous. We painted 30 square metres of fence yesterday, which is darned impressive, and only have 29 square metres to paint today. Easy peasy. Once the fence is painted we can plant the lilly pillies which are very patiently waiting out the side of the house in a little straight line. Ignored, except for the couple of times a day I hose them down.

I realised yesterday - about 20 square metres into the painting, that I hold a paintbrush in a very silly manner - the same way you'd hold a pen, which makes for a lot of interesting blisters. I think it's because I've always done the cutting in, while hubby takes over the broader brush strokes of rollering. Today I'm going to load my fingers with band-aids - then try to hold my brush in the manner of a grizzled old house painter - grasped firmly in my palm. Wish me luck.


  1. Switch your grip every so often. Hold the brush only as firmly as absolutely necessary, otherwise keep your hand relaxed. Thank me later.

  2. I've just slathered my hands in super heavy duty band-aids and am ready to go for it. But yes, will hold brush as limply as possibly without allowing it to fall, and will attempt different grip. However, as I've proved incapable of holding a phone with my right hand, or to my right ear - despite years of attempting the act, my chances are probably slim. Such a creature of habit!
    But thank you for kind thoughts and advice!!

  3. I can't hold a phone in my right hand either, but I can use my left hand to hold it to my right ear which makes everything incredibly awkward.

  4. Sara, you're the best. hours of painting later, and thanks to holding the brush very, very loosely and switching around a lot, I feel much less sore than I did yesterday - and I finished too! Yippee!!


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