Sunday, January 18, 2009

dreaming of daybeds

Last year we holidayed at Byron Bay and stayed at a fantastic house, with a pool, massive covered-deck and a daybed. There were other items of furniture in the house, but when I wasn't in the pool, I was on the daybed. I felt sorry for the next holiday renter as there would be a me-shaped indentation on the cushions that'd be pretty hard to make yourself comfy in.

Well, that daybed made me determined to have a similar item in the pavilion at the end of our pool. But it's hard to find something that's just right. Most daybeds have an asian/balinese theme, which are lovely, but not in the style of our home. We want something simple and white. Like this one we found the other day. It's from a store down by Avoca Beach in Sydney, which is a damned fine excuse for a daytrip and looks like it could fit into our home rather comfortably. Our carpenter's meant to be coming in just over a week's time to build the home for my daybed too, which has me beyond excited. 

Once the pavilion's built and the courtyard is grassed, there's only a few cosmetic things to add to make our backyard complete (trees and stuff). However, can you believe it - it's probably going to be completed in February. Yes, that would be the month we're going alcohol-free. Dammit - how am I to ring in my new backyard with a flute of soda water or a mocktail? This'll test my willpower...


  1. I would love that with bright, kelly green cushions.

  2. Yes, apparently it comes in a range of cushion covers, I'll be interested to see what they have. I want the pool area to be as white as possible, with pale blue accents. - but I do love me a touch of kelly green!

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