Friday, January 09, 2009

excess baggage

Oh boy, could I do with a good night's sleep. Insomnia's been my closest buddy for the last week again and while I've been doing a lot of lovely reading, I'd much prefer to be dozing. I'm not quite sure why my body seems to feel it's okay to be sleepy and dopey right up till bedtime until, shazam, I'm suddenly wide awake.

I've been doing all the right things, but obviously the one thing I can't do is get my darned brain to switch off. I think I'm going to try that old trick of keeping a notepad and pen by my bed so I can jot down any ideas or blog thoughts so they don't keep racing around my head, only to evaporate in the morning. 

Today's been spent tethered to the keyboard, so I'm looking forward to my evening walk. Since vowing to walk daily for 15 minutes I've found it ever-so-simple to get dressed and stride out the door. Most days I do only walk for 15 minutes, but one night it was so blissful I was out for nearly an hour. Obviously plenty of others agree as there were loads of people out walking, running, riding, scootering, swimming, surfing and kiteboarding at 7.15pm. 

I do have to admit that fulfilling a healthy new year's resolution is a helluva lot easier in Australia - where the warm weather beckons you to come outdoors. I'm also blessed to be living so close to such beautiful beaches - it's so soothing to walk by the shore. Walking really makes me feel thankful for what I have.

So even though today's grey, and a tad on the chilly side (well, it's under twenty degrees - chilly for an Aussie summer) I'm dead-keen to pop on my trainers and go for a walk. Perhaps it'll blow away my cobwebs and banish the bags from under my eyes.


  1. I'm moving to Australia right now. I can't stand walking for any amount of time when my face is about to fall off from being so cold right now.

  2. Insomnia is my best friend too. As we all know.


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