Thursday, January 15, 2009

green scene

I'm a bit cranky today. It's blisteringly hot (and I'm still sunburned so I can't swim), I had to spend the morning at a child's party and I'm still having issues with ants on my desk (I've just taken to squishing them now, so my fingers smell of eau de ant - not pretty). 

These shoes are my cranky antidote - do you think they work? Wouldn't they be pretty with a dusky pink floaty frock? They're Lanvin in case you're wondering. 

I nearly opted for another pair of Miu Miu, but then, after seeing the Katie Holmes ads I vetoed that option. I think Katie's aiming for a spot of Posh's Alien Chic (as in the Armani undies ads) but is instead channeling Alien Freak... (See, told you I was cranky)

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