Wednesday, January 28, 2009

green spaces

Apparently men are delivering turf to my courtyard today. I say apparently as they were due here an hour ago... but hey, who's impatient? I've learned not to expect anyone until they're actually standing in my yard, surrounded by absolutely everything they'll need to do the job - and let me tell you, that's pretty rare. That said, my carpenter turned up yesterday, with lots of timber and actually constructed most of the deck for our pavilion at the end of the pool! Excitement!! More timber was delivered this morning, and he and his son turned up on-time and got straight into working.

Matt and I finished painting the last of the fences last night - at 8pm. It nearly killed us, but thanks to Sara's suggestions on holding a paint brush loosely and switching positions often, my hands aren't nearly as sore as they were the day before. The fence looks spectacular. I'll head out later on and take some photos of it now it's a pretty painted lady - it looked so nude and unfinished before. I'm thrilled it's all finally starting to take shape and the end is soooooo close I can taste it.


  1. I've painted my fair share of fences, houses, rooms, etc. I've got some experience backing me up, lol.

  2. That will be the LAST fence I ever paint - at least the unfinished, raw timber version.


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