Wednesday, January 07, 2009

haberdashery dash

We don't have any haberdashery stores where I live - just Spotlight, the big fabric store. But I need me a little haberdashery store after watching my new fave show. You know Gok, from How To Look Better Naked? Well he's got a new show where he styles the bejeezus out of cheap clothes and makes them look kinda couture and utterly original. I was inspired to go out and buy dozens of teeny satin roses to sew around hems, until I realised that my sewing skills leave something to be desired. But all that's going to change this year - when I learn to sew properly (see earlier post This Year I Will...)

I'm giddily in love with Gok. He really has a passion for what he does - and I love how he's tracked down his fashion icons to interview about their style. Last night's ep had Geri Halliwell, but it's next week I'm hankering for - Joan Freakin' Collins. Loving her!

Last night also had an interview with the crazily kooky Roberto Cavalli (seriously, do all designers have to be a little nutso these days?). His house in Florence was insanely gorgeous, but he kind of lost me when he uttered one of my pet peeves. See, the girl interviewing him made the mistake of asking him what he thought of her frock and he replied "It's not really my style". Grrrr. Now, this is only minor, because she did actually ask, it wasn't an unsolicited "I don't like that" but still, surely you can always find something nice to say. 

I've never understood people who'll come into someone's home and comment about the walls, "Oh, it's a bit bright for me". Um, that's because it's not your home! Is it that these people have been whacked with the egocentric stick and believe that absolutely everything is about them? 

It's summed up best in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, when Frank N Furter asks Janet what he thinks about his creation Rocky. Her response? "I don't like men with too many muscles." To which Frank snarls, "I didn't make him for you!"

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  1. That kind of commentary is de rigeur around here, sadly. Idk if people just think that their honesty is helpful or whatever but it's like I could care less if you would never use that color or decor style, it's in my house! Even in horrid houses full of porcelain cows or whatever, you can at least find something nice to comment on. Or don't say anything at all. Unless I'm really like, "Ok really, does this color/lamp/pic work in here?" then shut it. This is especially true of my friend Monica who has a degree in interior design but whose design ssensibilities are totally opposite of mine- we are forever clashing on my decor versus hers. Ugh. I never say anything negative about hers either so I don't get it.


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