Saturday, January 03, 2009

happiness list

Today I'm happy because...
* my daughter's party was a fun-filled success
* I gave nearly all the leftover cake to friends as they collected their children, so I didn't snack on it mindlessly all day
* I'm ahead in my work
* I've come up with a system to keep track of my invoices and income
* Aside from a crunchy and sticky kitchen floor, my house is relatively clean and tidy
* I just made myself a really nice cup of tea
* I've just washed my hair
* I'm listening to girls singing and giggling happily
* We're off to our good friends' house tonight for duck confit and champagne
* I can spy flowers from every window in my study - frangipani to the left, delicate bottle brush dead ahead.
* I am blessed with wonderful friends who make my heart sing
* I live just up the road from one of the most magnificent beaches and ocean baths this glorious country has to offer
* I have a husband and child I adore, and who love me back
* My toenails are a pretty vibrant shade of strawberry pink
* I'm reading a new book by Marlena de Blasi - That Summer in Sicily and she's taking me back to Italy with her enthusiasm and pretty words
* I'm inspired to try a new recipe each week, yep, you read that right, recipe - not just create a meal, but follow a plan
* I'm filled with optimism about 2009 and look forward to enjoying every moment, of every single day
* Comments from you always make me smile! xx



  1. I need to do a happiness list again soon. Moving and exhaustion has made me a negative nancy. I still need to do my new years resolutions too- I seem to be behind on everything! Eeek!

  2. Oh, moving's a horror! Are you settled in yet? At least you can have at top of list "I don't have to pack any boxes" (although unpacking...)

  3. We should have everything moved in tonight, then goes cleaning and unpacking. I did get there the other day and began slowly organizin the new kitchen and got measurements down for where I'm going to do a pegboard wall for pans like Julia Child since I don't have anywhere for a pan rack and keeping pans in cupboards means for a lot of clutter. However, there's only so much a prego can do with moving before I need assistance so it's been slow going while Nolan is at work and Eva's at home. This week Nolan has afew days off and Eva goes back to school so I should get loads more done. Sigh, I'm not moving again until we leave this town. Period.


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