Wednesday, January 14, 2009

highly dry

The past two months have been positively filled with fabulous social gatherings. I've had fun at every single one, but, I'm feeling pretty well champagned-out.

That's why a bunch of us have decided to make February a dry month. Yes, not one drop of alcohol will pass our lips for a month (admittedly, sneakily, the shortest month of the year - but let's not quibble).

Just as after gorging on rich food, salads and lighter meals feel like a treat, I'll be happy to have a soda water with a slice of lime in a tall glass after such a period of grape abuse. Obviously if any social events are to be undertaken in February they'll have to be done with our other teetotalling friends - I'm strong, but not strong enough to deal with peer pressure of any kind... Not that my friends would actually pressure me, no, I mean the simple pressure that's released when a champagne cork is eased from the neck of the bottle. That pressure.

Wish me luck, there'll be no more mocking of mocktails from my direction. And yes, the local bottle shops will hurt considering the drinking skills of the group of us that are abstaining. But don't worry, we're sure to help bolster the economy again in March. Probably March 1, 12.01am...


  1. We can be sober together. I was mocking mocktails last night- it's funny you mentioned them. do miss my nightly glass of wine though. Badly. I found some new flavored sparkling waters at the grocer the other day that are yummy with a splash of juice in them- they can be my "mocktail". Oh the word. LOL.

  2. I know, it begs derision doesn't it? I must say that I found it relatively easy to give up coffee and alcohol when pregnant - the thought of them made me feel ill. Those flavoured waters should do the trick though.


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