Friday, January 23, 2009

holy sheet

So, I saved up, waited for the sale and bought 1500 thread count white cotton sheets. They're so crisp and look gorgeous on the bed, but, oh, they're loud.

A friend of mine did warn me about this (after I'd bought them!) but I thought he must have just had overly sensitive ears - but no, they're loud.

I think I'm going to have to wash them a few times to soften them up - or learn to sleep like a log. Tossing and turning is annoying enough, without such a noisy soundtrack!

Despite this, once I've fallen asleep I've had some mighty restful nights - and for an occasional insomniac there's nothing sweeter than sleeping through the night.

Ps - not my bedroom in this shot - but spookily similar. I have the same coloured walls and a bay window with a 1920s french cafe table and love heart chairs inset. Instead of a little plate, I have two gorgeous little images of Marie Antoinette I found in an antique store in the most darling of frames on each side of the bay window. I'm thinking I need similar curtains though - how pretty. I also have netting billowing down behind my bed - after all, it's what every princess needs.


  1. how spookily like your bedroom - thought you'd bought some other new things along with the sheets...

  2. See! See! See! Ooooo, I got such stick for that too.


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