Thursday, January 15, 2009

minty fresh

In an effort to be uber-thrifty, I've just been wiping down my benches with a plain cloth dampened with warm water. Generally it's done the job, but something's missing - a pretty scent. 

Now, as you know, ants are driving me insane at the moment - in the kitchen and on my desk - so I googled a solution and came up with mint and cucumber* (mmm, sounds like the perfect ingredients for a cocktail... but I digress...).

I dashed to the crisper and came up with a cucumber*, but alas, I'd used up all the mint - and had none in the garden. Nor did my essential oil stash help, until, I remembered my gorgeous Cinderella Multi-Purpose Spray. It's pretty, it's effective - and it's scented with mint. Perfect. So now I have gleaming benchtops and desktop, lightly scented with mint, studded with cucumber* slices, and hopefully repellent to ants. Fingers crossed, if I'm diligent, this'll pay off.

* Note: I just went out the the kitchen to find about twenty ants feasting on a slice of cucumber. Obviously whoever came up with the whole "ants are repelled by cucumber" theory had different ants, or cucumber, to me - or maybe mine are just super-hungry...

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