Monday, January 19, 2009

oh happy day

Today is a blissfully balmy 24 degree day and I've just strung a washing line in my courtyard and hung a load of washing to dry in the sun. If only I had these pretty clothes pegs from to peg them with my day would be complete. (ps: her site? So pretty. I need the peony print fabric - shame she's in the UK - the Aussie dollar never translates well to pounds...)

Once these clothes are dry it's time to wash my pretty new sheets and lovingly lay them on my bed. I swear sweeter dreams will ensue from 15oo thread count white cotton...


  1. I'm so excited for spring to come and I can work on my container gardens of herbs and peppers and tomatoes. I am doubly excited for the fact that my husband and a friend are going to build me a small clothes line! I'm certain with how many loads of laundry I already do daily, that a line will only aid the fact that that amount will undoubtedly triple come mid-July.

    1500 thread count is a blessing- I'm on 900 thread count Egyptian cotton pale pink ones tonite. All my good sheets are gifts from my mom (I ask for good sheets every year for my birthday), I need to purge any of the ones I'm not using because of their poor quality.

    Sweet dreams to us both tonight on our fresh bedding!

  2. Oh a clothesline is such a joy. I've missed mine so much. My sheets are off the line, and I'm just about to go make them. They're so thick and hotel-like I can't wait.


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