Saturday, January 03, 2009

party pooped

Phew, the last of the parties over for a while. Oh, and the Rock Star Party? It rocked! Smiling girls left with exultations of  "Best Party Ever!" ringing in our ears. Nice.

I adore planning parties. And it all starts with setting the scene. An invite has to set expectations. Our Rock Star VIP Lanyards really did the trick. They invited the girls to Party Like a Rock Star and the rsvp asked them to call me to "get on the VIP list" which they were pretty chuffed about. We had silver 'tinsel curtains' hanging over the front door, and the entry to the living room, giving it a bit of a backstage vibe. Twenty pale blue and silver helium balloons dotted the living room ceiling. At the front door, posters were set up with a big gold star and ROCK STAR VIP ZONE to set the mood again, and we posted up a few "set lists" with a rundown of events.

First, we got the girls to come up with a band name - which were all impressive - then we had the Rock Star makeovers (suitable for nine-year-olds). We had a range of nail polishes (black, red, dark blue, purple, fluoro pink, yellow) and coloured hair sprays, lip gloss and a eye shadow to do a subtle cats eye. After the makeovers were complete we did a Rock Star photo shoot - with all 10 girls, then each with the birthday girl, then solo - which Matt downloaded and printed out for later - when they were decorating their Concert Posters.

Next up the Wii got a workout. We put on Disney Sing-It and the girls formed Duos to belt out a number or two. After that it was Munch Time at 6pm with homemade pizza, sausage rolls, party pies and surprisingly popular carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes! All swilled down with jugs of water or lemonade. More singing followed, and then posters were decorated before the Cake came out. And that was it. Undoubtedly the most simple and fun party ever. Nibbles on the table were limited to very popular watermelon wedges and a couple of bowls of chips, and much water was consumed.

My gal came in and gave me the world's biggest hug and thank you before bedtime - which really makes it all worthwhile.

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  1. What an adorable (yet slightly exhausting sounding, lol) party! Aren't girls so much fun? This next year I'll be doing a bigger birthday party again for Eva, I didn't this last year because we just had too much going on. I kind of regret it- kiddie birthday parties are the best. Everything you did was totally creative and fun! I imagine all the girls went home totally drained and happy!


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