Thursday, January 22, 2009

a real page turner

Sometimes it's easy to think grandiose and contemplate over-embellishment (or is that just me?)

Whenever we've discussed floor to ceiling bookshelves in the study we've thought mouldings and complexity but this image (from the same house as the kitchen I believe - damn, do the people who live here walk around hugging themselves in delight? I would if this were my home) shows that simple can be stunning.



  1. Do people have time and energy to colorize their books like that? I mean those are my barbie dream house bookshelves, but good lord. That's even a bit too organized for me.

  2. Oh yes, I think it'd drive me barmy to do that - and sorted by height as well?!? That's crazy. It looks amazing, but I can't help wonder if rather than choosing books by their cover, they're choosing them for the colour of their spines.

  3. Only stylists and anal types organise their books like that ... and usually only while the photographer and magazine crew are knocking at the door!

  4. Yes, Alex, think I need a permanent stylist on standby... plus the threat of an imminent shoot.


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