Thursday, January 22, 2009

simply stunning

Oh. Marion. Dior shoes. That chaise. Her hair. Her face. That frock. The va va voom.



  1. Is it just me or could she stand to put on a wee bit of weight?

  2. She's teensy alright, but that doesn't bother me if I think it's a natural state. On Rachel Zoe, it's not a natural state, but Vanessa Paradis - teensy from a tot to now. I remember the recent quote from Julianne Moore when she said 'all actresses are starving' and I felt so sad and could never look at her the same way again.

  3. Rachel Zoe is just so creepy looking. I don't know- watching Marion in La Vie, I was just struck by how terribly thin she was for that role and how curvy she had seemed in other roles. It's clear she's got boobs, so its probably a natural thing, but it still seems a bit gaunt. All actresses are starving. It's the in thing here. I stumbled across some photos of myself from the early days of my twenties- doing pageants, bits of modeling and acting, etc., and I was struck by how incredibly thin I was. I remember spending a lot of time ignoring being hungry.


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