Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the sound of one hand clapping

Call me crazy, but I am loving on Drew's look for the Golden Globes. From the whacked-out, pouffy starlet's hair, to that sumptuous floaty frock, and the 50s maquillage to match - she's rocking it all. 

Some have said it's an homage to her new film, Gray Gardens and if so, bravo to her. This is gorgeous, eccentric and charming - kind of what I imagine Ms Barrymore's like in real life.


  1. The look is growing on me. I was a little wierded out when I first saw it but everytime I look at it, I like it more. Grey Gardens? Aka about the Kennedy biddys? Oooooh, I do love everything Kennedy related- this is a must see.

  2. Oh yes, THAT Grey Gardens! I am beside myself with excitement about the prospect. And as for Drew's look, I adore it more with every glance. I don't want primped and perfect from Drew, I need a hint of kook.


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