Wednesday, January 21, 2009

things i'm grateful for

Taking time out to count your blessings is quite possibly one of the most productive ways to use your time. 
• Today, I'm grateful that my new life as a freelancer seems to be working out quite well. I'm getting things done, on time and without too much stress. 
• I'm also enjoying spending the last of the school holidays with my gal. Before I know it she'll be headed back for her fifth year of school. 
• I'm grateful for my garden that's still giving to me, despite my not offering much in return. 
• I'm grateful for my body that lets me do pretty much most things that I like to do - and only moans and complains if I try to make it do too much. 
• I'm also grateful for iPhoto - where I can go back and visit the pretty gardens in the Southern Highlands - without the three hour plus drive. We'll be spending this year saving to pay for the backyard - so it's only staycations for us. 
• However, that said, I'm dead grateful for my backyard renovation which is nearly complete and ready to share with you. It's going to look sooooo fabulous, that it'll be worth all the pain.

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  1. Love those black and white tulips. We only get staycations too. Being poor rocks!


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