Friday, January 16, 2009

think sink

I read a good tip about cleaning your kitchen today which was: "always make sure your sink is cleared and polished". Which is a damned fine idea. Because obviously, if your sink's clear - there's no dirty dishes to wash stacked to one side (or in my case, a teetering pile of washed dishes 'airing' to the other). A clean sink forces you to stack and unstack the dishwasher and then inspires you to wipe down the benches while you're there. What a clever idea!

Now mind you, if this were my sink pictured here, it'd always be gleaming and pristine. Oh for a butler's sink...


  1. I have the hardest time getting Nolan to actually acknowledge that sinks and counters need wiped out like DAILY, several times a day if you are using them frequently. We also do dishes differently though. I let go of my OCD over that though- it just wasn't worth fighting over so long as dishes get clean.

    Do you have a brand called Method over there? It's all natural with some amazing scents and I love using their cleaning products- they work splendidly.

    By the way- ants are rampant here in Satan's arm pit, Sprinkle cinnamon along areas where they enter your home from- they will avoid it like none other. Also, cleaning with vinegar leaves a natural ant repellent though it also leaves a blegh smell. Black pepper also works.

    Hope that that helps!

  2. we do have method - I have their pink grapefruit handwash by my sink (it almost makes washing the dishes a pleasure!)

    Oooh, I haven't heard about the cinnamon trick - I'll give that a go. I always add a few essential oils to my vinegar and water, so I'll try that too.


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