Sunday, January 04, 2009

this year I will...

* Try out a new recipe each week
* Go to outdoor boxing early each Saturday morning - boxing and the beach are the perfect combo
* Concentrate on cleaning one room in my house each day
* Smile every hour
* Do Pilates once a week - it works for Dita Von Teese and Kate Winslet, so that's enough for me
* Ride my bike once a week
* Try something new at least once a month
* Dedicate fridays as Friendship Friday and call one friend on a Friday evening
* Seek out more freelance work
* Learn conversational French
* Listen to more music
* Read a wider range of authors (maybe even some men - oooooh)
* Plan more dates with my hubby
* Continue to declutter my home and mind
* Go for a walk every day - for at least 15 minutes
* Learn how to sew - properly!
* Work smarter
* Do something special with my daughter every day


  1. What, why on earth is visiting the tundra here in the middle of Satan's Arm Pit, USA, otherwise known as South Dakota, NOT on your 2009 to do list? I mean, seriiiiiioooooouuuusly.

  2. I know, and you make it sound soooooo appealing


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