Sunday, January 11, 2009

bite sized

I've tidied up the desktop on my computer today. I'm trying to make things a tad on the more organised side, and now, thanks to Gala Darling {}my desktop is not only super-organised - it's super-pretty too. Gala wrote about the most adorable desktop icons for Macs - and they're cupcakes! I know, dead-girly, but so am I. Looking over at the gorgeous little treats on my left - with all my documents that are "In Progress" designated by what looks suspiciously like a red velvet cupcake {with a cherry on top!} inspires me to work.

And I needed that today. After an evening of too much fun last night, with what are quite possibly the most hilarious people in Australia, I needed inspiration to propel me from the couch - or pool. Thankfully I was very restrained {for me} unlike some people... who stayed up till 4am... drinking red wine and port... you know who you are! So at least I'm just lethargic... not on the verge of death...


  1. I really want that cupcake. Or a cupcake in general.

  2. I was so inspired that this is my new desktop background.

    Adorable. Makes me want to bake cupcakes. Perhaps its the baby in my belly propelling that need?


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