Thursday, January 22, 2009

wave of beautification

Hello my pretties - would you like to come and live on my feet? Wow, I found is quite tough this week finding a shoe I deemed suitable for this spot. I frowned, I 'euwed', I pouted, I frowned,I sighed until I stumbled upon this pair of Prada perfection.

Honestly, some times it seems like the shoe maker's have run out of ideas, particularly when you flick through Caroline Cox's Vintage Shoes book and realised that what we consider avante garde was actually de rigeur in the 1930s. So I was very pleased to see a shoe with all the bits I like, but with a twist - or a wave in this case. Personally, I think it would be hilarious if I were to wear these - the colour and shape of the shoe matching the colour and curls on my head. However, I can only dream. Which I will...


  1. I love anything reminiscent of rickrack trim! These shoes are so fun! Wouldn't they be fab in a bright color too!

  2. I would adore them in a colour - could only find an image in black. I also love rickrack. We've got very practical, but not very attractive, blinds in the bedrooms in our house and I can't justify changing them because they're still in great condition, do their job and look fine - just not fab. So in my daughter's room I trimmed hers with a row of hot pink rickrac (damn, how do you spell that?) and around the scalloped edge put little pink pom poms - 50s bliss.


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