Thursday, January 29, 2009

what's cooking

As much as I'm loving on summer for the weather, I'm in need of a change so I can find some new cooking inspiration. I'm done with salads. I came up with some variations this year, which made me happy, but now, I've had enough. I need to start slow cooking again. I want the comforting scents to waft through my home. I want richness and the mouth-filling sensation that comes from layers of tastes in winter food. 

Summer food's light, delicate and zesty - but I'm over it. I'm really going to have to pull out the big guns to overcome my culinary ennui. Perhaps I can do an asian-style salmon, with a cold broccoli salad - dotted with slivered almonds with a rich parsley and anchovi dressing. Buckwheat noodles might also help. 

Actually, on Martha the other day she made an amazing dish with buckwheat noodles, flank steak (I think that's what it was called - it's the steak cut from the ribs and is incredibly tender - apparently) and snow peas. She sauteed the steak for a few minutes, then removed, rested and then sliced against the grain. The she boiled up the noodles and drained. Then the snowpeas were cooked in the pan with the steak juices all stuck to the bottom. She threw in some miso paste and soy sauce and stirred them around for a minute. All were tossed in a bowl, garnished with peanuts, sliced green onions and coriander. Yum... think I've got my inspiration back...


  1. Man, don't mention slow cooking right now. It's still winter here and I am in slow cooking hell. I love, love, love making thick, hearty soups, braising meats, etc., but one can only take so much. When I looked at my leftovers and pantry and decided to make split pea soup or bean soup for dinner today, I nearly started bawling. My grill and patio furniture look so lonely and desolate covered in thick, dirty snow. Just force yourself to enjoy more summer cooking for me, every time you grill out, toast me and enjoy it for me while I slog through more stuff baked in the oven, the slow cooker, etc.

  2. Made an amazing split pea soup today- it may have reinstated my faith in slow cooking- even Eva had two helpings of it!


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