Saturday, January 10, 2009

wonderful weekends

We've had a lazy morning today, but we're gearing up for a visit from friends, and dinner with more friends this evening. We're taking on the guest role tonight, so all I need to do is bring some wine and pudding. I was tossing up between trifle and the chocolate ice cream summer pudding - guess which won? Yes, couldn't help it, I had to go with ice cream studded with berries and shards of dark chocolate, encased in chocolate sponge. Yum.

The icecream's softening on the bench, so I'll put it together shortly. However, because there'll be  young 'uns sharing, I won't be swirling cassis through the mix - I'll sloosh in some Rose Syrup instead. Now that's even making me hungry... Off to make some roast beef and salad wraps for lunch. Enjoy your weekend. x

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