Wednesday, February 04, 2009

bagging a bargain

Who doesn't love a bargain? Hearts have to skip a beat when something you want AND need is on sale. I raced into Target the other day to see if I could find any cheapo swimwear and found a fabulous black and white printed number - for $10. I know! I bought my daughter a couple of pairs too (one stashed away for next summer in a larger size) 

I also bought the most divine Cath Kidston Lilac and Lavender washbag set with the cutest little make-up bag, handcream, soap, shower gel and lip salve - for only $9 - that's positively stolen. I think I need to redo my nails, slather my hands in the creme and polish up my pout with the salve. It's already starting to be one of those days, so best try to counter it with some scent-therapy.

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  1. I had scent therapy this evening- in the form of L'Occitane Cherry Blossom body products. I also found some lavender and rose sachets that are all natural that one can throw in the dryer with laundry- isn't that totally exciting? I'm such a bore- know what I use religiously on my lips? Carmex. Can't get enough of it. I've got tubes and pots of it everywhere, in every purse and place you can think of.


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