Saturday, February 14, 2009

bbq christening

I'm trying out the new bbq tonight, before we have friends for lunch tomorrow - how exciting! I'm dead keen to try out the rotisserie, which I've never used before - but how hard can it be? I think I'll throw on a few chickens, stuffed with lemons and pancetta, and basted with butter, tarragon and white wine. I'll also do a layered potato dish with thin slices alternated with chicken stock and a crispy cheese crust. And a salad - of course. For a starter I think I'll do some caramelised ribs - we're all close friends, we can deal with that. And dessert is, of course, my chocolate sponge pudding stuffed with raspberry and dark chocolate studded icecream - it always brings on smiles.

The bar fridge is connected in the pavilion, so I'll pop in some champers, juice, beer and water. But it's a bit cold and rainy today, and probably tomorrow too, so no swimming for the kiddies. Typical, the first friends to see our backyard almost complete will see it in the rain... However, the lilly pillies in the planter boxes are adoring every drop of the rain though, and the grass in the courtyard is now almost fluorescent in its richness. So shan't complain.

Next week the garden should be complete and as soon as there's a day of sunshine I'll snap away and share some pics!

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