Saturday, February 14, 2009

bella bella

I did a huge shop at Coles yesterday as all profits raised would be sent to aid bushfire victims. I bought plenty of stuff, and discovered my new favourite thing - sparkling, organic fruit juices. O.M.G.

I bought blood orange, pomegranite and pink grapefruit - but there was also lemon on offer.  

Last night we whipped the vodka from the freezer, poured a shot or two into a glass and topped it with fizzy blood orange juice. A wedge of lime on the side completed the picture. Wow. The perfect cocktail - and the juice was only 99 cents a bottle. They also make a pretty good mocktail as our gal discovered, her glass filled only with juice and decorated with a lime wedge too.

Yes, I'll be heading back to Coles today to buy a case! {I am obsessed with blood orange at the moment - and I think this would be the base for a pretty amazing sorbet}.


  1. i bought blood orange sparkling fruit juice yesterday also. I also love pomegranate, black cherry, and clementine sparkling fruit juices. Oh and pear makes for a very refreshing cocktail.

  2. Obviously somebody else feels the same as all the blood orange flavours are sold out. However, the pink grapefruit was delish... I'm loving on the sound of the clementine and black cherry, mmmm.

    Friends for lunch today, and it's cold and rainy (in summer!) so I've nixed the bbq and have beef bourginon bubbling away in the oven. Still did the chocolate sponge, icecream dessert though as I'd already bought the ingredients.

    Hope your valentines day was very spesh and that Nolen adored his dinner!


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