Friday, February 13, 2009

bright spark

There's an electrician in my backyard today setting up electricity for my bar fridge and, more importantly, chandelier, in the pavilion. Only one minor task left till the backyard's complete (glass in the pool fencing!)

We'll still have another weekend of painting to give the pavilion three coats of white gloss - and now we'll have to work out how to furnish the - but it's as near to finished as possible. However, the weather, with it's 16 degrees and raining, isn't the best way to show off a summer backyard at its best. But I don't believe I'll ever complain about the rain again. Now I just need to work out how to transport it down south.

Oh, speaking of furnishing the pool pavilion, you know the white daybed I showed you a few weeks ago? Apparently it's only suitable for real, proper indoor use (insert sad face here). They did send us an image of the outdoor daybed and, oh, it was seriously unattractive. Ugly actually if I'm to be frank. Weird driftwood-esque timber, oddly shaped... oh well, we can keep searching. For the moment we've got a wicker lounge setting in white that'll serve the purpose. I've never been a fan of instantly furnishing a room. I prefer to make do till something comes along that I'm completely smitten with. It'll happen.

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