Wednesday, February 11, 2009

cold comfort

Wow, in a week we've gone from 37 degree scorchers, to today's low of 17 degrees and raining. Can't complain about the rain as hopefully it's helping to put out some bushfires and is drenching some pretty dry gardens. It's also brought our carpenter back to finish the pavilion by nailing the slats around three edges - woo. And hoo!

Last night's lamb was utterly divine. Perfection. Best of all, I only used half of it - so do you know what that means? Lamb pie for dinner! I've never baked a savoury pie before, so I'll need to google a recipe. I'm thinking of a pastry base, a rich, red wine sauce and maybe a mashed potato topping - served with mushy peas (which I'll have to give a new name as husband and child both have an aversion to green peas - odd!)

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