Tuesday, February 10, 2009

comfort food

It's called that for a reason, which is why I'm slow cooking this Tuesday. A friend's status update on Facebook called me to slowly cook a leg of lamb, which I'm doing.

After studding deep cuts with chunks of fresh garlic and pieces of anchovy, I browed the leg in a pan. Then it's gone into the dutch oven with plenty of onions, more garlic, more anchovies, carrot and french lentils. A tin of diced tomatoes, some chicken stock, white wine, salt and pepper and a bouquet garni complete the combo. I should have simmered it, but didn't - I've just covered it with the lid and popped it in the oven on a low heat (120 degrees). It's going to slowly cook for at least five hours (should have started earlier for a seven hour cooking time, but oh well, we'll see) and then I'm serving it with potatoes and zucchini - possibly cooked together as a gratin, again, we'll see...

Hastily thrown together comfort food still serves a purpose, so long as it's got all the necessary ingredients and is still shown love. After all, sometimes a quick snog is just as good as a long, slow pash... 

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  1. Yum! You just need some bread to go with it all! And a nice red wine! Then a hot lavender bath and you'll be feeling mellower in no time.


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