Friday, February 06, 2009


My love for this frock knows no bounds. It may possibly be quelled when I too own a floaty grey frock, but until then I'll have to live it out on-screen. 

Of course the episode featuring this frock was just on - and the phone rang just before I feasted my eyes on it. What couture candy the final series served up. Delish...


  1. In the last episodes of SATC, her hair and makeup and fashion were purely divine. She never looked more lovely than then. Even in the movie, which I thought she looked amazing in, can't hold a candle to her luminescence in the last half of the last season. The scene where she's in that sea green pucci-esque dress at the studio when she meets petrovksy? Her hair, her dress, her makeup, the lighting, all of it- she looked amazing.

  2. Oh, yes, le sigh, le sigh, le sigh.

    Must go buy some luminiser asap to get that glow happening. Oh, and a zillion dollars worth of couture may help as well...

  3. Do you think luminizer would help my strep addled complexion? Lol.


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