Monday, February 16, 2009

job well done

When I say I'll have something done by a certain date, I do it. All of it. Everything that's expected of me will be completed to the best of my ability. I don't question it - I just do it. Therefore I expect the same of others. Hmmmmm. There are guys in my backyard installing the glass in my pool fence. Finally. Three weeks after installing the posts, they've got the glass {after promising the glass in five to seven working days...}. Now, guess whether they've got all the glass, or whether a certain aspect, say, a gate, is not the correct size. Oh, you guessed that they've cut the gate too big? Hmmmm. Now, they reckon they'll be back tomorrow with a correctly cut gate. Do you think they'll be back tomorrow, in five to seven working days, or longer? Looks like I'll have to live with the yellow temporary fencing for a little longer.


  1. Well dear, you are paying, so you do have the right to get just a tad demanding and point out how much longer this has taken than what was originally projected. Just saying . . .

  2. Oh I haaaaave. Problem is that I'm very nice about it - as the woman told me on the phone the other day - she normally has people screaming at her.

  3. Well, just remember that you can say more if necessary . . . and hint that the price for the labor may need to be reevaluated t a lower price to keep you happy.


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