Wednesday, February 18, 2009

karma comedian

I really believe that if you're kind to others it shows. Generally speaking you can have a pretty good life, only nice wrinkles show up on your face (smiley ones, not angry ones) and you can go through life pretty content.

I also believe that karma will eventually strike those who do wrong by others. Whether it's a major act, or a minor blip, surely you're better off doing something that makes others happy rather than sad. I was reading one of my favourite blogs this morning (the house that a-m built) and was saddened to see that she was closing her blog and only making it available to private readers. Reading between her lines I believe that another blogger has felt usurped and has shaken a-m to the point of closing off her blog. This is just awful. I love that blog. Reading it daily while going through my endless backyard renovations gave me hope. She shared her tales, along with the odd pretty pic, and for that deserves kudos - not a kick. She will prevail though, and karma will kick the butt of that other blogger too...

It's the same thing with the whole school uniform saga at my daughter's school. They rushed into it, went with a manufacturer from China (rather than the wonderful Australian-made company I was championing) and guess what happened? Yep, when the samples came through the sizing was all skewiff (either teensy or huge, nothing was just right) and did the orders come through two days before school started as promised? Um, no. It's nearly the end of February and they're still not here. Apparently half the orders are meant to arrive at the end of the month but the rest? Who knows? 

Now in the meantime the kids had to have uniforms, so all the parents of kinders or those who needed to replace uniforms had to buy the Aussie made ones and guess what? They're discovering they're cheaper, with superior material, and look a helluva lot better than the sweatshop creations. Ah karma, I love you so...

Oh, over in that corner? That's me, doing the 'I told you so' dance.

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  1. Makes me happy PPMJ. I listened in on that brawl as it started and I have an inkling of some of the personal courage you mustered to face the bullies in the group.

    To have your points ratified by the frailty of international suppliers is bril.

    But then, I've always known you are.

    (and again, my word verification for you is weirdly on the money. "printemps" the great Paris department store)


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