Monday, February 23, 2009

new york is where i'd rather be

We interrupt this oscar frockfest to dip a toe in New York Fashion week, and I must say, how Barbielicious is this outfit? I'm still obsessing over polka dots at the moment, adore red lips, covet broadbrimmed sunhats and well, check out the shoes! 


  1. I KNOW. I KNOW. I have wanted to go to Fashion Week, pretty much since I was able to understand what the word fashion meant. The Barbie show is spectacular, non? I was a little weirded out by the strange position of the top on this bikini, but overall, this is such a fantastic look. If I weren't preggers, perhaps I could squeeze myself into something like this!

  2. It's a weird position 'cause she has nothing to fill it out - it's meant to have barbiesque proportions doing it justice!


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