Tuesday, February 24, 2009

o wow

After spending half my day yesterday checking out pics and live blogs of the Oscars, I actually watched the telecast and I must say that I was impressed. Hugh did a great job, god love him. I also liked the intimate nature of the seating - with the front row right there in the action {but where was Jack?} Bringing in the past winners to welcome the new was a glorious idea, particularly when a few of my favourites rocked on out. 

Generally speaking I liked how the awards were handed out - but, why does one film always romp it in? I understand that Slumdog must have been a great film, and I'm looking forward to checking out - but how does it kill everyone else in the category? Also, since when did Danny Boyle turn into Morrisey? I kept expecting him to burst into "I'm throwing my arms around Paris..." whenever I spied him.

Some frocks were even better on stage then in the still shots. Marion's for one. And others, well, I must say that I didn't notice the pornstaresque expanse of cleavage that SJP was rocking when she was on the red carpet. However, on stage, those things bounced around and distracted me from the frock - which is very hard to do.

I'm now newly in love with Robert Downey Jr and I'm enraptured with Robert De Niro for bringing up one of my fave Sean Penn roles - Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High {I know, and just after falling in love with Phoebe Cates on the red carpet - who hasn't aged a day since that film...}

I felt for the editors up in the suite, desperately cutting to Angelina and Brad, especially when poor Jen was on stage. They did well though, keeping the faces in check and appearing generally gracious. And I'm still all over Angelina's earrings - and how she grabs his butt at every opportunity.

Ben Stiller and Natalie Portman were hilarious, although apparently he was an ass during rehearsals... Natalie's pink frock was absolute perfection, and proof you should always try something on - cos, seriously, that colour on a hanger would be, oh honey, no. 

I also loved watching the people in the background - wow, you've really got to be on your guard and if you need to yawn, cover your mouth people. Maintaining your face in a happy, yet neutral position, being ready to burst into good humoured laughter at any time must be a tough call. Or leap to your feet for the upteenth standing ovation. But generally, they did well.

I also fell a little bit for Jerry Lewis after seeing the love he expressed for the kids with muscular dystrophy. Tirelessly raising money for decade after decade is admirable and for that I applaud him.

Oh, and Beyonce should have gone with the red sequinned number for the red carpet - much hotter.


  1. I'm so in love with Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig that it's more than just a bit sad and creepy.

  2. Oh I know, but didn't they both work a tux soooooo well.

  3. Oh and Beyonce's dress just flat out made me want to throw up.


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