Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sew sew

I had to sew ribbon onto my daughter's leather ballet slippers yesterday - how's that for a challenge. So I lugged the sewing machine out of the linen closet (not a pretty pink one like this - a dull beige number - sigh) and set to work. I did it and my work looked pretty neat and serviceable. Inspired I delved into the bottom of my wardrobe and fished out my 'mending' bag. In it was a formerly favourite dress in need of a little TLC. Well, a few runs of the zig zag, one of straight stitch and it's good as new. It's now washed and hanging on the indoor line, waiting for a real summer's day to come out again and play.

Don't you love it when you pull something out from the closet that you haven't worn in ages? It's almost like having something new again.

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  1. I put together a couple things over the weekend to wear that hadn't been worn or hadnt been worn in a long time because they used to be too big on me, but with a belly expansion they seem to be just fine now, lol.

    I know how to sew ribbons and elastics into ballet slippers and mend ballet costumes but I cannot seew anything else- and I do it by hand. Isn't it sad that I cant sew anything else? Nolan can sew though, so nevermind.


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