Thursday, February 05, 2009

shoe envy

See this teeny, tiny picture here? Well, squint and use all your visual powers and check out the insy wincy shoes on the model. See them? Aren't they mini-magnificient perfection? This outfit was one of the wonders that Gok whipped up on Gok's Fashion fix the other night. I love what he did with a little bias binding around the lapels at at the waist to embellish that cute little peplum. He also placed cute little bows above the split at the rear of that pencil skirt. Five bows - because odd numbers are better than even stylistically...

However the shoes, which were ever-so-cheap look like the most divine, quilted, bi-coloured, patent Chanel Mary Janes. I want, I need, I must have. I believe they were from either Office or Next - one of those fabulous UK stores that has cheap yet divine stuff. I'm browsing until I find these in a size 37. Yes, they will end up costing $8000 Australian thanks to our cruddy exchange rate versus the pound, but still - cuteness!

* Update: I've found a slightly larger version of the shoes for your viewing pleasure. I have also found them on the Office website for seventy pounds. Now, if you had in-laws going to the UK in a few weeks to visit your sister-in-law who lives just outside London would you buy them, ship them to sis-in-law's and ask in-laws to bring them back to Australia just in time for winter? Would you?

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  1. Yes I would. But I'm also a shoe whore. remember shoes are fat and sugar free.


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