Friday, February 20, 2009

stress and stupidity

Isn't it typical that when you're busy and stressed, you try to do too much and stuff something up? Welcome to my world yesterday. As you know, I've got a lot on - two articles for a new magazine due today, amongst all my usual work. Then I agreed to a few more jobs yesterday, all with tight deadlines. 

Well, I thought I was all on top of it. I've got all my work in my little cupcake iconed folders, I've set up all different folders for my emails - one for each specific category - which I move all emails to at the end of the day, after deleting any non-essentials. So there I was Smugarama, Queen of Smugville when I discover one of my email folders is just missing. MISSING. 

Of course I uncovered this as I was talking to my six-year-old niece on the phone and trying to remain calm in the face of terror is not my forté. 

We searched everywhere, went on Mac forums, delved deep into my library. No luck. Thankfully I haven't been so prudent with my sent box - with over 2500 emails, and because I always reply to emails I had copies of everything I needed.

Then, later on, just before bed, I see a teeny little arrow next to one of my folders. Teeny I tell you. Now, I'd opened this folder, and all the rest, but my missing folder wasn't inside - even though it was. Yep, upon clicking the arrow I found my missing folder, and its hundred-odd emails somewhere inside this folder.

Phew. I really do need to become more technologically competent - or less flustered when I'm in a tizz.

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