Sunday, February 22, 2009

sweet mouthfuls

I've turned into a dessert lover. Previously there were only a few sweets on a menu that could get me to turn my head, but now, I'm branching out. Last night we went to our fave restaurant {Bistro Tartine} with some fave friends and had a superb meal - as always. We went without an entree to save space for the delicious meals and their sublime dessert. And oh. Mygod.

I had a roulade with mascapone and bitter orange that felt like a million angels dancing on your tastebuds - exquisite. Those who chose the chocolate fondant were also in raptures, and I convinced my friend to have the snow eggs with caramelised pistachios - and she was more than thrilled with every mouthful of her choice.

When you find a restaurant that manages to get everything right, it's worth going back. From the quality wine list, old favourites done in different ways (this time I had duck confit with garlic and walnut potatoes and a beetroot jus - heaven!) and a killer dessert list, served up by attentive, lovely staff - why not reward them?

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  1. We went out on Friday night to a really great Italian place. They make this amazing calamari appetizer- they aren't breaded and fried, they are basically seared and served with a fried garlic and pepper relish thats spicy and pickled and hot and amazing. it's the perfect balance of spicy, acidic, etc. We shared a great caesar salad for our other app. Nolan had cassoulet with duck confit, and I had gnocchi with creminis and spinach that was finished in a gorgonzola cream sauce. We took home our desserts to go as we had shopping to do- I had the espresso cream cake and Nolan had the ricotta/berry bread pudding. Totally wonderful!


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