Thursday, February 05, 2009

when worlds collide

Why is it that on some days things just conspire against you? You know, nothing goes smoothly, you can't make yourself understood, if something should take one hour it ends up taking four... Welcome to my yesterday. Erk, it was annoying. Nothing went smoothly, or if it did I didn't notice it. But it's gone, it's over, today is another day. Working on the whole Power Of Now thing I'm just going to let yesterday go (well, aside from blogging about it now) and happily get on with today.

Today's going much better thank you. There are blokes finally taking away the temporary fencing that's been sitting around in the side yard, being slowly decorated by an array of weeds. I'm reasonably prepared for the work I have due. The house is looking okay (sink cleaned - bonus) and I have only a few hours work to do on a story that's due tomorrow which is coming together rather beautifully.

Tonight I'm also determined to bbq the ribs that are sitting in my fridge. Last night my daughter had netball grading that started at 4.30 and finished at 7pm. Yes, in the heat. Poor little poppets were red-faced and exhausted while I was berating myself for bring upteen bottles of water for the girls - and none for me. I also forgot to take a chair which meant many hours of standing which I'll only suffer if someone magnificent is on a stage in front of me performing my favourite songs (yes, my daughter was playing her little heart out, so that helped make it bearable, but oh, my ancient back...) Anyway, all that led to the most evil takeout meal of all McDonalds - but it did hit the spot.

Tonight, enormous green salad, ribs and bucketloads of cool water to wash it all down. A nice way to end the day.

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