Friday, April 17, 2009

ad sense

There's an ad on tv at the moment that drives me completely insane. In it, there's a woman in a lovely house {naturally} who goes toward her bin, wrinkles her nose and sprays it with air freshener. Of course, that's not good enough says the voice over, so she reaches for her Glen 20 which kills the germs that cause the smell. Next she wafts around the house spraying the dog's bed and then a pile of stinky sports gear. 

Now, my nine-year-old saw that ad last night, turned to me with an incredulous expression and said "Why doesn't she just empty the bin and wash it out, wash the pet's bed and WASH the stinky clothes?"


What kind of world are we living in where spraying something is considered some kind of viable alternative to cleaning it. Gross!


  1. The only way that would happen at our house is if a disaster happened right before I had guests. Say, like if Eva threw up all over or something. Clean up the mess, change her clothes, wash her up, open some windows and probably light a candle or something real quick. Notice, I still clean the mess up though, lol.

  2. I hate that advert too!

    It's just catering for the lazy kind of person who likes to feel like they've done something without having to do anything.

  3. Aneets, I guess the reason it bugs me so much is because I'm so innately lazy, yet can't conceive of spraying rather than cleaning. But Sara Rose, I agree, there are times for pretty room sprays to cover up - such as when my cat ALWAYS uses the litter box just before guests arrive. I swear he hears them opening the front gate... he's such a bloke.


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