Friday, April 24, 2009

anzac day

It's Anzac Day tomorrow, so I'll be nibbling a biscuit or two in honour of the diggers. Last Anzac Day I had to work {newspapers only recognise Christmas Day and Easter!} and as I was walking from Central Station to my office, I saw a very old digger being wheeled down the road by his family. Bless. Next thing, I saw this utterly gorgeous bloke come running down the road and for a second, was a bit concerned that he was going to be an anti-war protester {which is admirable} and say something mean to the digger {not admirable at all}. So I hovered, just in case. 

As gorgeous young bloke came up beside digger, he bent down and said "I just wanted to say thanks Mate, thanks for all you've done." Double bless. I got very teary, and still well up thinking about it.

Now, I'm very anti-violence, and you can't get much more violent than war, but I think we need to show our elders respect - and to respect their opinions. So happy Anzac Day to all the diggers. Bless your little socks.

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