Thursday, April 09, 2009

loooooooong weekend

I'm a bit excited about the Easter long weekend - specially as my hubby's taking a five day break. We're planning a mix of relaxation and action. There's still quite a few jobs on the to-do list {as there always will be...} but we can do them relatively simply just by chipping away at it. 

It's my mum and step-dad's last night here tonight, so I'll have to plan a vegetarian feast to bid them farewell. They seem to have had a nice, relaxing week here - mum's certainly got her money's worth out of the pavilion - every day she'd sit by the pool, magazine in hand, coffee by her side. I agree that it's going to be a lovely spot for morning coffee with a warm winter sun streaming in. We've completed a few jobs with their help, and my step-dad's offered to help Matt with paving, gravelling and draining around the side of the house {one huge job left to do}. Perfect drainage is obviously essential now we get such downpours for days on end in this neck of the woods.

Easter Sunday will of course, start with an easter egg hunt - hopefully it won't rain so the eggs won't get soggy! And hopefully my daughter will sleep in a little so the easter bunny won't have to get up toooooo early...

Mum's invited my aunt and uncle here for afternoon tea, so I'll be making Nigella's scones and some rosebud madelines to tickle tastebuds. Mmmmmm.

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