Monday, April 06, 2009

musical score

Don't you think that everything goes better with music? Shopping centres know this; that's why every time I go to Coles, I find myself humming, and often singing and dancing down the aisles to tunes that hold a special place in my past. Depeche Mode, Abba, Village People - either the person who programs the music in my local store is from my generation - or knows that I'm the core demographic and plays music accordingly. I cleaned the kitchen cupboards the other day to a stirring rendition of Elton John and Kiki D's Don't go breaking my heart, and it certainly made a drudge-ridden task flow more smoothly. It's also why you see so many people out running with iPods. 

However, my daily walk is one time when I don't need a soundtrack. Every step I take is my meditation. I walk, I breathe, I peek into peoples gardens and windows {hello, voyeurism - but only at their decorating style - I don't want to see actual people!}

I'm now feeling the urge for a big iTunes splurge. There's a few tunes that have been rattling round my head that would be much better served on my iPod. After all, I've got one final burst of painting to undertake - that needs some serious accompaniment from either some New Romantics, or 90s grunge!

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