Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ode to a nana nap

Oh, I do so adore an afternoon nap. I have them very rarely, say every month or two, but when I do, oh bliss. Today I finally dropped my daughter at her cousins' house for a sleepover, came back home to do some work and realised that my time would be much better spent napping - and so to bed. I slept for a little over 90 minutes and feel ever-so-refreshed.

We're off to dinner tonight, and have decided to walk down to a local favourite - Lime, a great restaurant at The Junction. I'm hoping that there's pork belly on the menu as the last few days have helped satiate my duck cravings {or at least stifle them for a week or two}. Tomorrow I'm going to sit down and work like crazy so we can head off camping on Friday morning with a clear conscience. 

I think I've also decided to re-decorate my home office. I'd love a girly, ornate white desk, to rip up the carpet and paint the floorboards white, to make a floral slip-cover to hide my ugly black office chair and to finally install a wall of white bookshelves. I think it'd make me work better - don't you?


  1. White is right for a home office! LOL! Too bad mine is this strange amalgorithm of oranges, browns, etc. It's like the 70's gone very bad in there. Sigh.

    WHat'd you eat on your date? Did the Manolo's come out to play?

  2. O.M.G. pork belly with scampi tails - to die for. Followed by milk fed veal cutlets, pont neuf potatoes (big fat chips), mustard seed butter and spinach puree all washed down with a lovely Shiraz Viognier... Concluded with a scoop each of sour cherry and chocolate gelato... Mmmm.

    The weather was once again too inclement for the manolos... so they sulked in their box. I made up for it by wearing a pretty lace top I bought on the Isle Saint Louis - and vintage italian pumps. Lovely, love night!

    And yes, white sounds right - good for you for achieving in your Brady Bunch-esque Den! I'm sure you've added plenty of your fabulous touches though


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