Friday, April 17, 2009

parterre perfection

Now that my hubby's been excavating the side yard, ready for gravel paths to be laid, I feel mere moments away from my parterre vegie and herb gardens. Having a little potager out the side of my house will be bliss. It's a pretty sunny spot, so I imagine most herbs and veg will do well. 

I'm also dreaming of an espaliered lime or lemon tree on the fence behind the garden beds - we don't have room for a full-sized tree, but if we strap it down to the fence I'll have plenty of citrus for recipes and vodka!

Now that I'm working from home I'll also have more time for watering, so raising plants from seed is an option. I'd love to look into the range of heritage veg on offer from The Diggers Club. That's their garden in the picture and I know they'll have varieties that will not only make my garden look divine, they'll tickle our tastebuds as well.

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