Tuesday, April 14, 2009

quick quack

Every member of my family has had a craving for confit duck recently, so short of shelling out around $35 per serve at our favourite restaurant, I needed to source some of the stuff. So imagine my delight when I was buying my coffee beans this morning and spied a pack of 10 confit duck legs at The Essential Ingredient. Apparently they freeze well, so we won't have to stuff ourselves stupid - or invite other duck-loving friends around {luckily, as our fellow duck-obsessive friends are on holiday this week - although I'm sure they'd do the eight hour drive back to share with us!}.

Now I just need to google some serving suggestions - which will be interesting as none of us are into the whole duck and fruit combo. When it comes to fruits, serve 'em to me with cream or icecream... I'm fussy that way.

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