Tuesday, April 21, 2009

weather tis nobler

We've had the wildest few days of weather here later. Torrential downpours that had far too many of us thinking back to the floods just a few years back. Then, when it wasn't bucketing, we had wild winds which sent our already crazy kitty into a frenzy of naughtiness. Today, however, the sky is blue and I was able to wash the most enormous amount of dark clothes - five day's worth. They're all blowing in the wind and drying nicely. Just like you can only appreciate happiness if you've experienced sadness, I believe that crazy, awful weather really helps you welcome back the good. 

Hopefully the weather will hold as we're off camping on the weekend with a few other families. Oh, and by camping I mean staying at an eco resort in cabins - I'm so not a tent gal. Actually, I'm not a shower block or long-drop toilet girl to be really specific. However, we will gather around some sort of communal camp-fire at night {even if it's only a bbq} and it's on lots of land for the kids to ride their bikes around - so really, that's camping. It's all in the definition: am I staying off-site, in a wooded area, in relatively primitive lodgings? Yes? Then it's camping.

Tonight our daughter's off to her cousin's for a sleepover, so hubby and I shall frock up {well, I'll frock up, he'll just put on a nice shirt and stuff} and hit one of Newcastle's restaurants. I'm tossing up between Bacchus and Silo, both perfect - and, excitingly, Manolo-worthy. Yes, if the weather holds my black satin Manolos will be removed from their box - not just to be gazed at adoringly, but to be worn, what all Manolos ache to do.

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