Monday, April 20, 2009

meat market

Oh, we had such a lovely weekend filled with friends, laughter and food. Saturday night saw us get together with our dearest friends, and added some new friends to the mix - which made the evening positively pop. We laughed, chatted, drank and ate "Fred Flintstone Chops", the size of which delighted the boys, and the texture which entranced the girls. {I'm talking about the standing rib roast, cooked on the bbq - recipe a few weeks back} I'm thrilled I've finally mastered the art of cooking red meat - it's taken a while, but by jove, I think I've got it!

On Sunday my dear friend M and I went to our favourite antique store, where we fell in love with numerous bits and pieces, but I'm holding strong and only buying what I need! Speaking of what I need... is a white day bed for the pavillion. After browsing through the big antique store, we went to my favourite shop next door, Auld and Grey. The owner is a kindred spirit, and I just adore wondering through her treasures. As we were leaving I happened to ask if she had any day beds in storage, and she said "Oh, yes, I have a split cane day bed... painted white... I can bring it in on Tuesday for you!" Heart be still. So tomorrow, I'm heading over, hope in heart. Wish me luck!

Last night we had fellow francophile friends around to share our massive pack of duck confit. At first hubby and I were disappointed that it was confit duck breast, not leg, but once I opened the vacuum-sealed pack I was delighted to find breasts with skin intact, and, excitingly - bones! Just like on the real cooking shows!! I placed them on a hot oven tray and baked them in a hottish oven for about 10 minutes, before turning on the grill to crisp up the skin. {okay, salivating now at the memory}. I served it very simply with a plain potato mash and green beans, tossed in garlic olive oil and topped with roasted slivered almonds. Oh, wow. We drank a Margan Semillion with the duck and it was the perfect accompaniment, balancing out the juniper and star anise flavours in the confit in the most divine manner. 

Tonight, we'll be having the last of the duck, tough job, but someone's gotta do it. I'll serve it sliced on a julienne salad with rice noodles and an asian dressing - after the indulgence of this past weekend, a wee bit of detoxing respite is in order!

Today's a big working day for me. With school holidays I haven't managed to fit much work in. So my darling friend G is having my gal over to play with her gal. Bless. It's wild and grey and windy in Merewether today, perfect weather to plonk myself before the computer and get on with it!


  1. Now I'm having duck cravings ... think I need to head to Chinatown for some BBQ

  2. Oh it was amazing. Go to chinatown now!

  3. A fantastic evening thank you Linda! The carpal tunnel syndrome I now have in my wrist from holding the enormous "Flinstone Chop" was a small price to pay for such enjoyment. Yabba-Dabba-Do.

  4. And I have photographic evidence of your injury too! Twas a great night!


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